Powder Coating

(15-20 Years Gurantee)

Finishing touch with maturity

With experience of years, Quality coats provides protection and asthetic touch to the substrate. Coupled with the experience is the latest, state of the art powder coating paint gun, shalaka 2002. This paint gun is the first of it's kind in Kolhapur. With the excellent gun, we complete the work in less time and add better durability, better finifhing. With 7 tank processing, oil, grease, rust etc. on the surface is removed completely & zink phosphated. We have the 16ft. x 6ft. x 5ft sized diesel fired oven, the only of it's kind in kolhapur, which gives the heat process to the surface and permanently adhere applied powder finally durable quality coat is formed. We offer all types of R.A.L. shades with wide spectrum of color & texture and metallics.

EP Ultra Coat

Arrange of sophisticated powder coatings and these are available in the following types.

  • Semi glossy
  • Glossy
  • Matt
  • Structured
  • Textured
  • Designer

powder coating image

Perma Coat

Architectural powder coating Perma Coat is pure polyester based outdoor durable powder coating that has been esecially developed to withstand environment stresses year and qualifies the most stringent requirements concerning color stability. Gloss retention and corrosion resistance. Perma coat powder can be used on architectural mental which is directly exposed to sunlight owing to its excellent U.V. resistance.

These are endless applications of Perma coat powder coating such as aluminium extrusion, windows, garden furniture, exterior fittings, external structures, material handling system, metal grills, building interiors, costal areas. In addition to this perma coats can be also used outdoor areas, where exterior need.